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About Sakiyama shell mound

Update day: August 14, 2012

About Sakiyama shell mound

Sakiyama shell mound is left in its entirety to environment of irregularity and shell mound of Jomon period and the circumference and is remain which can investigate life and culture at the time.
Jomon people of Sakiyama shell mound perform large-scale public works and make premeditated spot around open space. Furthermore, "tool which we made at bone and corner" of old time (a bone and a horn device) is discovered in shell mound other than bones such as shellfish or animal which Jomon people ate much in Jomon period.
Thus, it was admitted that Sakiyama shell mound was precious remain nationwide and was appointed as historic spot of country on July 16, 1996. We store Sakiyama shell mound for the future and will inflect in future as park of historic interest.

Excavation of Sakiyama shell mound

It was about (1924) in 1924 that the first excavation was carried out at Sakiyama shell mound. Excavation assumes Sakiyama shell mound, and Jokei Shibata investigator of country, shodenshimarokurochosain of Iwate and local researchers discover bones of shellfish and whale in those days. It was obvious that these remains were shell mounds by excavation by these teachers.
We carry out excavation continuously from 1986 to store Sakiyama shell mound after this in Miyako-shi.

Location of Sakiyama shell mound and neighboring remains

Location of Sakiyama shell mound and neighboring remainsSakiyama shell mound is on the plateau that sees, and goes earlier, and lengthened called older sister ke saki, and, as for the height from the sea, approximately 1.5km is far from the seaside at 120m.
Jomon people got up fish and shellfish which we took in the sea until irregularity of this plateau expressly and lived.
There are many remains in the circumference of Sakiyama shell mound, but, in Sakiyama shell mound, it is thought that it is central remain of these remains group from size of irregularity and shell mound.


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