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Jodoga-hama Beach

Update day: October 18, 2018

Scenic spot where Miyako is representative in Jodoga-hama Beach located in the center of Sanriku revival national park, Sanriku Geopark.

Sharp white rhyolites mushroom keenly and they show expressions different one by one and color the shore. There is right value of seeing in green of pine and white of bave rock, contrast with sea blue of the sea.
It is said that it was named because soul mirror dragon lake (we die in 1727) of the shrine 7, Joanji, Koyama world admired the place name of Jodoga-hama Beach for (1681-1684) in the Tenna year saying, "as it were, it is like Buddhists' paradise".
Transparency is high and features calm wave. During sea difference period, it is full of many swimmers.
Jodoga-hama Beach which gave snow covering is proud of particular beauty again.

 Bave rock of Jodoga-hama Beach is volcanic rock called flow (ryu) crest rock (mongan) made by function of magma 52 million years ago, silicon dioxide-rich it is thought that collect, and is doing white color.
In addition, we can observe board-formed crack "logic" (setsuri) that there was when design "flow (ryu) law of nature (ri) structure" (Kozo) and magma which  magma flowed through were cooled suddenly.

Map in Jodoga-hama Beach garden

Facility information in garden

Facility names Various information Telephone
A. miyako Jodoga-hama Beach pleasure boatJodoga-hama Beach tour course, all circumferences course in Gulf of miyako, todo ka sakishuyu course0193-62-3350
B. Jodoga-hama Beach visitor centerFree display facility (including introduction of large screen, the Rikuchu shore)0193-65-1690
C. The prefectural fisheries Hall of ScienceFishing implements display, various experience-based facilities (core omission of the making of can with dream, seaweed)0193-63-5353
D. Jodoga-hama Beach rest houseMeal, souvenir0193-62-1179
E. Jodoga-hama Beach Malin houseLight meal, boat for rent, blue cave (Harengula ship sight-seeing)
※The business period late March and late November
F. Jodoga-hama Beach Park Hotel  The accommodations0193-62-2321
G. Mt. UsukiThe highlight (flowering time)
The end of March: Japanese witch hazel, the beginning of April: Magnolia Kobus, the middle of April: Adder's tongue lily
The beginning of May: Azalea, the end of May: Rhododendron, the middle of June: Dogwood
H. Observation decka godaitembodai (Anegasaki, it is considered under eyes at the beach of octopus)
b Hama lily observation deck (superb view where spouting hole is seen)
c ancient silver coin observation deck (View Point that can look down at Jodoga-hama Beach)
d Tachi ka sakitembodai (Hiji Island, Shigemochi Peninsula are seen)

Basic information


April 5, 1954 Iwate designation natural beauty spot (the first)
May 2, 1955 Rikuchu Kaigan National Park
100 selections of October 30, 2001 fragrance scenery
Part choice of 100 selections of May 24, 2006 excellent bath ground Sea
January 24, 2012 country designation natural beauty spot
May 24, 2013 Sanriku revival national park
September 24, 2013 Japan Geopark (Sanriku Geopark)


32, Hitachihamacho, Miyako-shi others

Parking lot

Two for the first parking lot car 109 bus seven person with a disability
128 second parking lot cars
118 third parking lot cars


[to Jodoga-hama Beach]
It is 10-15 minutes on foot from ... 3 parking lot first from JR Miyako Station by car for ten minutes
Bus stop depths Jodoga-hama Beach getting off is immediate by bus (depths Jodoga-hama Beach line) from JR Miyako Station for 20 minutes
It is 10-15 minutes on foot from ... 3 parking lot first from Tohoku Expressway Morioka south IC by car for 120 minutes


Public toilet (in front of first parking lot, Malin house, the prefectural road side), multipurpose restroom (in front of first parking lot, Malin house)
※As there is restroom in Jodoga-hama Beach visitor center, please use.




Industrial Fisheries Promotion Department Tourism Division
Telephone: 0193-62-2111 fax: 0193-63-9120

Miyako-shi government office
〒027-8501 1-1-30, Miyamachi, Miyako-shi, Iwate
Telephone 0193-62-2111/ fax 0193-63-9114/ E-mail