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Miyako-shi fish market top page

Update day: April 12, 2018

The easternmost town, Miyako-shi of Honshu. We introduce "Miyako-shi fish market" which seasonal seafood is unloaded, and is energized.

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Summary of Miyako-shi fish market

Facility name Local wholesale market Miyako-shi fish market
Office name Marine product distribution processing activation synthesis maintenance business (the Heisei 6-7 year)
The location 2-1, Rinkoudori, Miyako-shi
Person of establishment Miyako-shi
Wholesaler Miyako fishermen's cooperative association


Plottage 14,945 square meters
Wholesale ground Newly: 4,030 square meters of steel-frame building one-story houses
Former: Roofing for 1,840 square meters of roof fusion aluminum plating steel sheets fold
In total: 5,870 square meters
Management ridge Roofing for 1,809 square meters of steel-frame building 2 stories roof fusion aluminum plating steel sheets fold
Gallery, storeroom including office on the first floor on the second floor
Truck scale One 30 tons large electric resistance wire type
7.41 square meters of management buildings
CB zoheiokudate  
Pump well 16 square meters of RC zoheiokudate
1 ton/m of water pump two
0.1 tons/m of underwater pumps two
Drainage processing facility 139.2 square meters of RC zoheiokudate
250 tons/day
Incinerator 1.21 cubic meters *en*kyakuro
Styrofoam scorifier 9.93 square meters of light weight steel-frame buildings
50-60 kilograms/h of hot winds type refined kerosene burner
Bicycle parking One 44.77 square meters lightweight steel-frame building
Parking lot 11,000 square meters of asphalt pavement
203 compact cars, large car 55, 258 in total
Operating cost 983,019 1,000 yen (state subsidy 247,123 1,000 yen, prefecture subsidy 123,561 1,000 yen, city expense 612,335 1,000 yen)

1996 business

272.00 square meters of storm facilities, fish market customs shed gable wall installation

1999 business

Water supply water supply equipment setting water pipe diameter (100-75 phi) L = 256.8m
          Two places of water supply equipment diameter 65 phi (sokuchi)
In restroom, the hand-washing facility, it is three places of repair restrooms, hand-washing two places, shoes disinfection tank four places

2000 business

Seawater electrolysis impurity sanitization device chlorine infusion density-proof: 0.5 ppm (calculation electric current level)
            Residual chlorine concentration: 0.02 ppm (faucet)
            Quantity of seawater water intake: 60 cubic meters/h
4 meters of upper chicken net fixation nets-proof *126 meter
       4 meters of lower part movable nets *126 meter

2001 business

Seawater sterilization facility ultraviolet ray seawater sterilizer processing capacity: 60 cubic meters/h
        The setting amount of ultraviolet rays: 30,000uW, sec/ square centimeter
        Automatic filter processing capacity: 50-100 cubic meters/h
Wall, floor R processing concrete polymer R processing 140 meters

2002 business

50 tons of truck scales one 
      One management building concrete block one-story house

2009 business

One member of fishing boat welfare facilities "Kuwagasaki watch box" wooden construction one-story house 167.98 square meters
                  Rest room, shower room, washing drying room, office, restroom, storeroom
Miyako Port oil spill measures equipments warehouse    One part of wooden construction 2 stories 77.84 square meters
                  Oil fence foreign capital machine parts
Seawater water intake well one 1.5 meters inside diameter, 5.17 meters in depth,
             0.6 meters of box culverts *0.6 meter,
             Water intake pipe φ 125 millimeters 9.4 meters X Article 2, φ 38 millimeters 9.4 meters 

Position figure

Position figure. jpg

Ground plan

Ground plan. jpg

The latest unloading information, daily unloading information from this

The unloading situation of Miyako-shi fish market

※We download than the following files, and please see

<Miyako-shi fish market>

Seawater water intake facility quality of the water findings

We carry out quality of the water survey by seawater water intake facility regularly to confirm safety of seawater to use in Miyako-shi fish market.

Miyako-shi fish market seawater water intake facility quality of the water findings (133 kbytes)pdf
Miyako-shi fish market seawater water intake facility quality of the water findings (item derived from nature) (95 kbytes)pdf


Industrial Fisheries Promotion Department Marine Products Section
Telephone: 0193-62-2111 fax: 0193-63-9116

Miyako-shi government office
〒027-8501 2-1, Shinkawacho, Miyako-shi, Iwate
Telephone 0193-62-2111/ fax 0193-63-9114/ E-mail