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Town which people harmonize with "forest, river, the sea", and lives together of peace
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Room of the mayor: Letters (opinion, proposal) to the mayor
Miyako-shi assembly
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Population51,071 people
Area1259.15 square km
As of May 1, 2020
Shrine Tamika Furuichi
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Citizen's window

When child was bornWhen we get marriedWhen we died
Notice of family registerNational Health InsuranceNational pension
Medical payment, elderly aged 75 or over medical careRequest for windows such as family register or resident's cardPostal request for family register, resident's card, notification of change of residence
Procedure for movingMunicipal houseGarbage disposal/recycling
Public transportRoad, waterway, bridge, streetlightWater and sewage
Disaster preventionEnvironmental conservationRadioactivity connection
Pet, wildlifeTaxElection
ConsultationMy numberConvenience store grant


Health of child and familyHealth of adultHealth of heart
Child care supportNursery school, kindergarten, Center for Early Childhood Education and CareHouse of children's house, schoolchild
Welfare for the elderlyThe person with a disability (child) welfareCare insurance


HarborThe employment, laborU J I turn
Agriculture and forestry businessFisheryJob Opportunities


Board of EducationConsultation of educationElementary and junior high school
The furtherance of studyNew entrance to schoolProcedure for transfer
The development supportLifelong learning, sportsArt, culture
News from Board of EducationMeeting of Board of Education

Town development

Comprehensive planAdministrative evaluationParticipation in planning and collaboration
Important issue, key measureCity planningCentral city area base facility
Revival roadThe council

Bid, contract

Facility information

LibraryLarge metal mallet buildingPublic hall
Community centerMan and woman symbiosis promotion center "flat peer miyako"Kitakami Mountains folk museum
Forest museum of Sakiyama shell mound JomonMiyako-shi National Health Insurance medical officeWorking youth home


Oldness and donationThe staff adoptionPublic comment
Recruitment of doctors

Miyako-shi guide

The demographic, social and economic conditions in a city handbookCitizens' charter, citizen's songStatistics
Financial statusCollection of Miyako-shi established regulationAccess
Collection of links
Event calendar
The presentation of return favor product to oldness and donation
Sanriku Geopark
Sanriku revival national park
Tsunami remains of an ancient structure preservation donation
You Tube Miyako-shi formula channel
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Salmon, miyakochan

Miyako-shi government office
〒027-8501 1-1-30, Miyamachi, Miyako-shi, Iwate
Telephone 0193-62-2111/fax 0193-63-9114/E-mail